Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words—Make Your Christmas Card Matter

It might be an old adage, many may even consider it a cliché, but often a picture really does imply all the meaning you may lack in providing through words. If you are having a little trouble designing your Christmas cards this season this blog may be of some help. With Santa On Pictures, you have the design template, clip art, and photo upload options you need to create a spectacular Christmas card for everyone on your list. Now, with these tips you can also include the very greetings you wish to making it more than pictures and more than words, for a completely meaningful card.

Traditional Christmas Card Greetings

You probably want to get away from the more traditional sayings right? You are tired of cards that simply say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or We Wish You a Merry Christmas. If you are then think about some of the true traditional greetings from the 1800s. The Victorian age when greeting cards started in earnest can provide you with meaningful phrases such as “I will honor Christmas in my heart as I do you.” Not only are you saying Christmas is important, but you have added something for the receiver letting them know you feel they are just as important to you as the holiday.

Choosing Your Favorite Christmas Song

Many writers have done a lot of work for you when it comes to heartfelt Christmas sayings. Think about your favorite Christmas song or one you know the card receiver loves. Using a few lyrics from the song reminds them how much you know them, as well as gives them the heartfelt greetings you wish to make.

If you worry using someone else’s words are not enough then use songs, poems, stories, and traditional greetings for inspiration to write your own. A poem doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to rhyme it just has to offer your true meanings to the person receiving it. Your friend or family member will enjoy the effort you took to create something that was more than a store bought card.

Free Writing to Create a Christmas Card

One of the best things about using Santa On Pictures is that you can always start the card and save it to work on later. This allows you to free write until you come up with the perfect message for every person you send a card to. Just take out a journal, open a word document, or look out the window to see what comes to mind.

Why Design Your Own Christmas Cards—to Make Family and Friends Smile!

Everyone can buy a Christmas card in the store. You take out your list then grab a package that has enough cards or perhaps two. You put in a form letter and your family picture for the year and send it out. The person receiving it looks it over, reads about your life so far, takes a moment to look at the picture and throws the card out New Years Day. This same person knows you are busy and is grateful you remembered to send them a card, but you could make a better impression.

You could use SantaOnPictures and truly show the people receiving your Christmas cards that you took more than a Sunday to send out what is nothing more than a form letter. It doesn’t take much to stuff the envelope and print off your Christmas card addresses from the computer.

With SantaOnPictures your time is saved, while adding in the personal touch that will mean more for years to come. It takes time to drive to the store. Perhaps 15 minutes or more depending on where you live then you spend another few hours shopping for Christmas cards and other essentials. During this time you could be at your computer designing your Christmas card for each person to receive.

Designing your own card allows you to choose images that you love, including using family and friends in Christmas garb. Whether you choose from the clip art images or download your own photos you can personalize every card you send out.

The thought that you took more time will make the card more meaningful to those receiving it. Your card will be one in a dozen that is saved for years to come and the one that brings a genuine smile to the receiver’s face.

By designing your own card you can incorporate the past year’s accomplishments, downsides, and everything about the family you want. You could even make it into an interesting story using different photos with the layout SantaOnPictures provides you. Add in a few touches like different fonts, clip art, and you are truly making a statement that you care about the person receiving your Christmas card.

Many of us have gotten away from the true meaning of giving and receiving cards. It is to keep in touch and make someone smile because you remembered and care about them.