Five Quick Christmas Gift Ideas to Make Your Christmas Cards Special

Custom Christmas cards is a fun way to design and to gift them to your dear ones. A card that looks unique is sufficient to please your special ones. But unique in what way? That’s really a question, Here are five quick Steps to make your cards special…

Step 1:

Everyone loves Photos, it is a best way to add photos to your Christmas cards. Think about the special occasions over this year in the past, like a wedding anniversary, pictures of your new born baby. Did you enjoy a picnic this year?? Had you been to a trip this year? Just think… And use your best Images in designing your Christmas card.

Step 2:

After you’ve chosen the best pictures, keep them in a folder so you have easy access. Organize them according to your choice i.e. Sort them which pictures have the highest clarity and which ones are your favorite.

Step 3:

Half of the work is already done, If you know a little bit about photo editing or if you don’t know even then you don’t have to be worried because someone else can do the work for you, you can make collages by combining several images together and you may even add a little blurring to the edges of the pictures so your picture will look kind of artistic. See! It’s looking great already!!

Step 4:

Now use an online service like to start your designing. Upload your Image and add names and addresses along with the clip arts. Design your own Christmas card and store it in a folder. You can even use borders, bubbles to labels to your images and to make them come alive.

Step 5:

Now you are almost done! Santa on Picture will print your custom cards with your pictures and your signatures and will send them to you. You just need to sit and watch!

Isn’t it simple??

Capture the Santa On Images standing with you at this Christmas and make your cards special with our awesome Christmas Gift Ideas.

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