How to create a christmas card?

To create a Christmas card, you must first select a photo to upload.
To upload a photo you must first click on the tab that says Design Your Gift located at the head of the webpage.
A design window will appear. Click on Upload Photo in the upper right hand corner.
Select your photo and upload it.
Select clip art that you would like to add to your photo.
Directions for adding clip art are located in the Help and Resources section of the Contact Us tab.
Once you are finished with your design, click on Preview located right beside the Upload Photo button.
If you are satisfied with the design preview, click on the green arrow that says Get Your Photo.
You will then be prompted to enter in a payment method. This is also the time to enter in any coupon codes you may have.
After you have chosen your payment method, you will be prompted to enter in your name and valid email address.
Once your transaction is complete, download your Christmas card.
From here you will be able to send a copy of your card to friends, family, and the like.