So you think you’re too old for Santa Gifts??

People might say that the magic of Christmas fades away as we grow older. They say Christmas is a stressful experience because of gathering presents for your dear ones and also you might be running around just to check if it is all set for the big day! Yes! It can be too much!

However, Studies say that Christmas is still a big day, a day that we have waited for so long! Yes, it is a misconception that magic of Christmas fades away as we grow older.

In fact, for many of us as we grow older, the charisma for Christmas is more than the youth because we love our children!!  And we would love to gift them with some incredible toys at the Christmas day! Am I right??

Research from National Trust says that nearly 31% of a group of 2,500 adults from the age group of 18-55 years still hang those Christmas stockings so they could find them filled with gifts on the morning of the big day!

Studies also revealed that about 15% still write a letter to Mr. Claus and about 18% even paid an annual visit to Santa’s workshop just to find out if Mr. Claus and the Elves are preparing for the magical day?

Furthermore, Group largely seemed to agree upon that Christmas reminds them of their best times. A majority of people i.e. 90% said that Christmas reminds them the times they spent in their childhood home helping to decorate the Christmas tree and turning on the lights!

More than half also believed that the best dinner they had was cooked by their mum! Enough to please mums worldwide!

Studies also concluded the top ten favourite traditions worldwide at the Christmas day which include boxing day walk, family games of charades, getting an advent calendar and more.

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