Xmas greetings the old fashioned way

With the convenience of sending Xmas cards online today many people have lost out on the time old tradition of sending and receiving physical Xmas cards. With all the various types of digital correspondence available, sending Xmas cards the old fashioned style is fast becoming a dying art. Although sending Xmas greetings through digital portals may be fun, quick and easy, it can sometimes feel a little cold and just part of routine now.







Gone are the days when people wait anxiously for the postman to deliver a fresh stack of Xmas cards. These Xmas cards used to be part of the Xmas decoration for a lot of homes as they joyfully usher in the Xmas season.

Wouldn’t you like to put a smile on someone’s face as they excitedly tear open a Xmas card envelope? Wouldn’t you like to bring back that time old tradition and see homes decorated with Xmas cards again?

Well look no further because at Santaonpicture, we can help you do all of the above with the least amount of stress and effort. Design your own Xmas cards with our help and make beautiful memories together. There are so many ideas to tap into when dreaming up ideas for Xmas cards.

You could consider a thematic idea where your family pictures take center stage in your Xmas cards designs, or you could go for the more flamboyant designs that are more “chrismacy”. Bring the glitter and glam back into your Xmas card designs. In some countries, families print their holiday pictures and special events through the year on their Xmas cards. This is a great way to tell a story about what you and your family have been doing the whole year.

If you are among those who only communicate at minimum levels with others who are not part of your daily life and routines, then designing your own Xmas cards with the help of Santaonpicture, will show the recipients just how much you treasure them. It’s an absolutely heart-warming feeling to receive a card from someone who has taken the time to design and send a card, especially if the recipient is someone far away.

Bring back that warm fuzzy feeling to someone who is perhaps feeling a little blue this Xmas season. Be the epitome of Xmas cheer with your specially designed Xmas cards, with Santaonpicture as your trusted partner.

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