Xmas greetings the old fashioned way

With the convenience of sending Xmas cards online today many people have lost out on the time old tradition of sending and receiving physical Xmas cards. With all the various types of digital correspondence available, sending Xmas cards the old fashioned style is fast becoming a dying art. Although sending Xmas greetings through digital portals may be fun, quick and easy, it can sometimes feel a little cold and just part of routine now.







Gone are the days when people wait anxiously for the postman to deliver a fresh stack of Xmas cards. These Xmas cards used to be part of the Xmas decoration for a lot of homes as they joyfully usher in the Xmas season.

Wouldn’t you like to put a smile on someone’s face as they excitedly tear open a Xmas card envelope? Wouldn’t you like to bring back that time old tradition and see homes decorated with Xmas cards again?

Well look no further because at Santaonpicture, we can help you do all of the above with the least amount of stress and effort. Design your own Xmas cards with our help and make beautiful memories together. There are so many ideas to tap into when dreaming up ideas for Xmas cards.

You could consider a thematic idea where your family pictures take center stage in your Xmas cards designs, or you could go for the more flamboyant designs that are more “chrismacy”. Bring the glitter and glam back into your Xmas card designs. In some countries, families print their holiday pictures and special events through the year on their Xmas cards. This is a great way to tell a story about what you and your family have been doing the whole year.

If you are among those who only communicate at minimum levels with others who are not part of your daily life and routines, then designing your own Xmas cards with the help of Santaonpicture, will show the recipients just how much you treasure them. It’s an absolutely heart-warming feeling to receive a card from someone who has taken the time to design and send a card, especially if the recipient is someone far away.

Bring back that warm fuzzy feeling to someone who is perhaps feeling a little blue this Xmas season. Be the epitome of Xmas cheer with your specially designed Xmas cards, with Santaonpicture as your trusted partner.

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Get a head start with your Santa Xmas cards

The year has passed so quickly that before you know it, Xmas will be upon you. Everyone loves Xmas but almost everyone has a nightmarish time coming up with a whole bag of Xmas presents and suitable Xmas cards for everyone in the family.

Xmas cards are something everyone loves receiving. The beautiful pictures are a sight to behold and the words are simply heart-warming. This year instead of buying your Xmas cards off the shelf, why not design your own cards with our help. With some help from Santaonpicture, you will be able to express your Xmas greeting to your friends and loved ones in a whole new and innovative fashion. All this can be done without too much cost or hassle.

Remember when you were little; you were encouraged to make you own Xmas cards. There would be many art and craft sessions, where you would make Xmas cards for everyone as the season came around. Everyone would gush over your efforts. Now your kids are probably doing the very same thing for you.

Well now you can get back to basics and create your own your Xmas cards with a little help from Santaonpicture. The idea of Santa and Xmas is completely intertwined and one is never without the other. One of the great ways to surprise your loved ones this Xmas is to design your own “from the heart” card.

Get everyone excited about Santa and the Xmas cheer using this time old tradition of card giving. This is a wonderful way to fire up the Xmas spirit. You won’t have to rush around aimlessly trying to find the ideal Xmas card if you have the freedom to design your own. Designing your Xmas cards has never been easier, especially when you have help.

Santaonpicture can do it all in a jiffy, and help take the pressure off your shoulders.

Shopping for Xmas cards can be a very frustrating exercise, especially when you are on a budget and the variety available is endless, yet so very “common”. It also becomes more and more difficult if you leave your Xmas card shopping to the very last possible minute. The shops will be crowded with harassed looking shoppers who are also doing their last minute Xmas shopping.  You will definitely feel the pressure to make a quick purchase, just so you don’t leave without getting your Xmas cards.

Make your Xmas cards look more exciting and personalized by taking pictures now and sifting through them until you are satisfied with your final picks. You will be able to start looking around and be more observant and you will have a lot of time for this. There won’t be any pressure and you can successfully avoid into impulse buying or panic buying.

Here is where the idea of working on your Xmas card ideas early will pay off. Starting as early as right now, will also benefit you in other ways, such as getting ideas from the way the Xmas season unfolds in all its glory.

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Santa Gift Letters as Santa Proof

If there is something that everyone would like to remember is “What Santa gave them on the Christmas Day”!!

Santa Gifts are precious and especially our children love Santa and they surely would like to accept Christmas cards as Santa Proof of coming!
Even Though, We have never seen Santa with our own eyes, but the magic he brings is really memorable…

To a child, Santa brings a hope of enchantment and excitement, so it doesn’t really matter for a child, whether Santa is a myth or he is actually real!! But the truth is “Santa is real in magical form”!!!

Every year children write a letter to Santa in the hope Santa will respond them with some graceful gifts, Suppose Santa sends a letter in response in the form of a Custom Christmas card and what would be the reaction on your child’s face. What if they get a Christmas card as Santa Proof of being there!! Can you visualize Charm in their eyes! How would you feel after seeing that charming smile on your child’s face after knowing that Santa does really exist!! After receiving a letter from Santa himself!

Receiving a letter from Santa is like “Dream comes true” for your child…After all this is not a myth for them anymore that Santa doesn’t exist! As he wrote a letter in response! And your Kid will be delighted to know “How much Santa cares for him/her”. Your kid will remember that letter for a long time and maybe for a lifetime.

So, be ready at this Christmas to customize your Christmas cards with plenty of clip arts and Santa pictures appearing at the front of your Christmas cards to make moments magical for your child!
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Tradition of Sending Greeting Cards as Santa Gifts

The tradition of sending Greeting cards as Santa Gifts is not new; greeting cards are around since many years. It is a perfect way to stay connected with your friends and family members. Greeting cards also offer a gentle way to let others know “How much you care for them” …

We use greeting cards to gift our loved ones as birthday gift, Christmas gift, in the form of business cards, marriage anniversary gifts, holiday gift cards, thanksgiving gift cards and for many other special occasions…

Christmas card gifts are perfect to show your association to your family members and to make them feel that you miss them, when you are out of station along with a message. How about adding some Clip arts and Santa Pictures to your Christmas cards using some great Christmas gift Ideas??

Yes! Why not! We are living in a more developed age where you’ve some better options available to make your cards more interactive.

So are you planning to gift a custom Christmas card at the upcoming 25th December??

Gifts play a vital role to keep our loved ones in a relationship, whether it’s a marriage anniversary, a birthday party or for a new born baby, Gifts are special and will be special forever…

Choosing a Christmas card that could impress your loved ones is rather difficult with so many options, while customizing your own card is simple and also if you know a little bit about how to crop and edit images, job would be rather simpler for you.

Make sure to customize your cards with Santa standing on the Picture with you at this 25th December.

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So you think you’re too old for Santa Gifts??

People might say that the magic of Christmas fades away as we grow older. They say Christmas is a stressful experience because of gathering presents for your dear ones and also you might be running around just to check if it is all set for the big day! Yes! It can be too much!

However, Studies say that Christmas is still a big day, a day that we have waited for so long! Yes, it is a misconception that magic of Christmas fades away as we grow older.

In fact, for many of us as we grow older, the charisma for Christmas is more than the youth because we love our children!!  And we would love to gift them with some incredible toys at the Christmas day! Am I right??

Research from National Trust says that nearly 31% of a group of 2,500 adults from the age group of 18-55 years still hang those Christmas stockings so they could find them filled with gifts on the morning of the big day!

Studies also revealed that about 15% still write a letter to Mr. Claus and about 18% even paid an annual visit to Santa’s workshop just to find out if Mr. Claus and the Elves are preparing for the magical day?

Furthermore, Group largely seemed to agree upon that Christmas reminds them of their best times. A majority of people i.e. 90% said that Christmas reminds them the times they spent in their childhood home helping to decorate the Christmas tree and turning on the lights!

More than half also believed that the best dinner they had was cooked by their mum! Enough to please mums worldwide!

Studies also concluded the top ten favourite traditions worldwide at the Christmas day which include boxing day walk, family games of charades, getting an advent calendar and more.

So if you are just another guy like me who loves Christmas and would like to gift a Christmas card to your friends, family we will help you to Design your Christmas Cards using Santa Pictures. So now you can think for Christmas Cards as Santa Gifts for your loved ones.

Start your designing and Catch Santa standing on your Christmas cards with you.

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Design your Christmas Cards with Santa on Photos…

How would you recreate something old fashioned into something more unique and attractive?

Well, I am talking about Christmas cards! If you still didn’t get… Let’s start…

Christmas cards have been around from many years now and thus it’s hard to find out which Christmas card is the best one to gift to your special ones. With the booming technology, choosing a card becomes more difficult because we are living in a more modern world where people are no longer used to something that lights or something that communicates. However, you don’t need to be worried about because there are still many of us who love to accept the things when they are presented with love!

Such kinds of gifts are “Personalized Christmas Cards”…

Here is a question arises “How to Design your own Christmas Cards”.

Well, the answer shouldn’t be difficult to find out when we have laptops, PC’s and Mobiles around us. Read on and get your answer on how to create your own personalized Christmas card that would impress your loved ones.

Follow the steps below and turn your Christmas card into a unique piece of fine art. The Process involves eight major steps:

  1. Click on “Design your Gift”
  2. Upload your Photo
  3. Add clip art pictures
  4. Preview your Design
  5. Finished your designing?
  6. Make payment or Use coupon codes
  7. Download your designed copy
  8. Email it to your email address

Design your Christmas card with Santa on Photos as Santa proof  and make your card more attractive!!

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Holiday Season Is Coming…Catch Santa on Pictures with You This Season…

The holiday season is the best time of the year when you share your feelings and have fun together with your family. And Christmas cards can add cherry on the top, if you have a camera with you rest you just need to capture the best images. There are so many ideas to share your love with your special ones. One way is to use Customized cards!!

Though, some of us would like to visit religious places during this time of the year while others love to have fun with their family and friends during this time, definitely it is a great way to pull on the laughter and to open up hearts for many of us.

There are so many places where you can customize your Christmas card. A card created using some special pictures of your memorable days is exactly what everyone would like to accept as a gift. When you are creating your holiday card you don’t have to fumble around to check out how it all proceeds. You just need to upload your picture captured by your digital camera and start designing your own card. Next thing you know, your card is ready to send with some awesome clip arts at the front.

Over the recent years, technology has made it easier to customize your cards on the web. You will find out plenty of websites who are serving you with enormous options to customize your cards you just need few clicks onto the webpage and work is almost done!!

There are many businesses who sell pre-designed Christmas Picture cards to choose from.  So you don’t have to take your time out to design a card for your relatives. But if you have 15 minutes, you just need some designing and you can customize your card into an incredible piece of love, so are ready to share your love with your whole family?

Spread your holiday cheers with your Santa Gifts. Design your Christmas cards using your family’s pictures or a smiling face of your loved one at the front. You can also make your holiday cheers by making cards with Santa on Pictures. It’s very quick and easy

Start creating your own Christmas card with our remarkable Christmas Gift Ideas and enjoy a good time with your loved ones!

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Five Quick Christmas Gift Ideas to Make Your Christmas Cards Special

Custom Christmas cards is a fun way to design and to gift them to your dear ones. A card that looks unique is sufficient to please your special ones. But unique in what way? That’s really a question, Here are five quick Steps to make your cards special…

Step 1:

Everyone loves Photos, it is a best way to add photos to your Christmas cards. Think about the special occasions over this year in the past, like a wedding anniversary, pictures of your new born baby. Did you enjoy a picnic this year?? Had you been to a trip this year? Just think… And use your best Images in designing your Christmas card.

Step 2:

After you’ve chosen the best pictures, keep them in a folder so you have easy access. Organize them according to your choice i.e. Sort them which pictures have the highest clarity and which ones are your favorite.

Step 3:

Half of the work is already done, If you know a little bit about photo editing or if you don’t know even then you don’t have to be worried because someone else can do the work for you, you can make collages by combining several images together and you may even add a little blurring to the edges of the pictures so your picture will look kind of artistic. See! It’s looking great already!!

Step 4:

Now use an online service like Santaonpicture.com to start your designing. Upload your Image and add names and addresses along with the clip arts. Design your own Christmas card and store it in a folder. You can even use borders, bubbles to labels to your images and to make them come alive.

Step 5:

Now you are almost done! Santa on Picture will print your custom cards with your pictures and your signatures and will send them to you. You just need to sit and watch!

Isn’t it simple??

Capture the Santa On Images standing with you at this Christmas and make your cards special with our awesome Christmas Gift Ideas.

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Decorate Your Christmas Cards Using Santa Pictures

Have you seen a person wearing a hat on his head and Images of Santa on the back of Christmas cards??

Would you like to see Santa on Photos standing with you??

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations in this world, a day that we waited for so long it’s 25th December, when we have market flooded up with toys, smiles, celebrations all over.  Whether it’s a child or an adult, everyone is wishing to get best gifts on the Christmas day. No matter what your age is, Christmas is something you can’t forget because of the time that you spend with your family and the excitement of making a Christmas tree!

I remember my School days, my childhood home, we were fond of hanging Christmas stockings and in the morning we are boasting of “Hey! Look, what I’ve got! My gift is better than yours!” Great time I had! I would love to turn back the years! But I can’t, because time doesn’t permit me to do so. Another good part of the day is “Best dinner I ever had was made by my mum at the Christmas day”.

Go Sleep! Sleep dear, Santa Claus will bring the gift for you, my mom used to say this to me at the night of 24th December, because I was always too keen to meet Santa, Mom! When is Santa coming??

A year back, my mom gifted me a Christmas card and I had some tears coming out of my eyes, why??  Because I could see the love coming out of the card, she designed the card using our family pictures just to remind me my childhood and some other Santa Claus pictures were appearing at the front. You can also decorate your cards using Santa Pictures or Santa Claus Pictures!

Christmas card is one of the most special gifts that you gift to your dear ones, so if you are planning to gift a Christmas card to your family members pretty similar to the one that my mom gifted me with love, we will help you to design your Christmas card using our awesome tricks and Christmas gift ideas.

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Capture The Santa for unforgettable memories with Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas

What would you do when you need to share your memories with your Special ones??

The first thing that would come to your mind is “Images”! Am I right??

Idea isn’t bad…The one way is to capture your memories in Christmas cards!!

Last December, my mom gifted me a Christmas card which was pretty dissimilar to the ones we see on some general stores. I asked my mom “How did she create it”!! That was just awesome!!

Capturing the images of some special times you spent in your lifetime and using them in your cards to keep your memories alive is not a bad idea at all.

Next day I had shown that card to my friends and everyone was wondering the great designing on the card! Luckily we are living in a generation where we have so many options to customize our cards!!

We are too busy in our hectic lifestyle and we don’t have time to give some time to our dear ones. But don’t worry, Christmas cards is the best way to share love and feelings with your family and friends…

Christmas is the special time for everyone in the western world. Christmas gifts can be very challenging item to select, but they can be remembered for so many years. Since, Christmas gifts are special than any other occasion…And certainly you would like to gift your beloved ones with an extraordinary gift maybe a “Christmas Card”???

Capture The Santa for unforgettable memories with Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas and make your card priceless.

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